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While the Jesuit Archives & Research Center retains a few copies of sacramental records, the best source for information on baptisms, marriages, confirmations and deaths are local Catholic dioceses or archdioceses. Please check with the diocesan archives for those records and their policies, hours of operation, and digitization initiatives.

The Jesuits often worked with women religious in the administration of Native boarding schools. The sisters, including the Sisters of Providence, the Ursuline sisters, the Spokane Dominicans (now part of the Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters) and others, often oversaw the girls’ sections of the schools. Each of those religious orders of women has their own archives separate from JARC, and inquiries should be made to those orders for information on their archives.

Because Jesuits contracted with the federal government to operate boarding schools, many official records related to boarding schools reside with the federal government. Most of these records are held at regional NARA facilities, but you should check with NARA directly to obtain these records, as well as their privacy restrictions.

Marquette, a Jesuit university in Milwaukee, digitized Bureau of Catholic Indian Mission records as part of its special collections and university archives.