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An “PDX” Vu

An Nguyen Vu has been a Jesuit since 2016. Growing up in a practicing Vietnamese Catholic family, the thought of religious life never entered his mind as he trudged on through life studying pre-dentistry. Yet, God has a strange but albeit gentle way of leading him along a circuitous route to the Society of Jesus. Through three years of off and on discernment with a Jesuit spiritual director, he finally committed to applying to the Society after a 2015 discernment retreat in Portland. Flashing forward, he recently finished his philosophical studies at Loyola University of Chicago and just now entered the ‘regency’ phase of the Jesuit formation, which involves working as a member of the vocation team for the West Province of the Society of Jesus. In his spare time, he enjoys horror slasher flicks, Chinese net novels and painting digital art. He also adores cats and possesses a wry sense of humor.