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“Hold fast to the hope that lies before you.

It is an anchor of the soul, sure and firm.”

Hebrews 6:18-19


The Inauguration has set us on a new path, a path to unity and peace. President Biden and Vice-President Harris are pointing the way. They need our prayers to accomplish it. Despite the challenges we face as a nation, there are signs of hope – the vaccine, new opportunities for citizenship for immigrants, greater protection for the environment, and a re-connection with our global allies.


I ask myself, what can I do to further this agenda?


During the next two months, I will send out weekly quotes on the virtue of hope. They will come from a variety of sources. If you would like to share your ideas, please do. My email address is:


God bless you and keep you hopeful,


“That even as we grieved, we grew

That even as we hurt, we hoped

That even as we tired, we tried”

Amanda Gorman

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