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“The most fundamental Christian reality
is not the suffering of the cross but the life
it brings. Jesus did not die to bring death
to the world but to establish the life God
intended for us from the beginning.”
(Roberta Bondi)

In the Resurrection appearances something happened to the apostles and other disciples of Jesus, something that transformed their lives. They went from being fearful and hiding in the Upper Room when Jesus was arrested to courageous pillars of a faith that swept the world. We too have access to the graces flowing from the Resurrection.

“Whenever it seems that the world is abandoned
by God and you feel that the sickness of disorder,
violence, terror, and war has taken over and the world
seems lost in chaos, say to yourself: Jesus died and 
rose again just to save us and his salvation is already
present among us. This is what it means to believe in
the Resurrection.”
(Carlo Carretto)

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