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“We Need A Revolution”

We need a revolution, 
not of weapons
a revolution of hope
for the future.

To choose the light over the darkness:
Love over hate;
Mercy over judgment;
Tolerance over bigotry.

Let us not be discouraged
by the task at hand
but trust in the power
of the Creator
the energy of community.

Let us cry out with joy
and gladness
for the signs of hope
around us:
acts of random kindness,
the generosity of those who share 
from their substance as well as 
their surplus;
people of good will.

May this help us to
choose good news over tales of woe;
confidence over despair.

May we embrace beauty and mystery; 
peace over tyranny;
honesty and courage 
in the face of the cowardice and malice
of those who wish us harm.
Let us heed the words of the great Indian poet,
who asked God to
“Give him the strength never to disown the poor
nor bend his knees before insolent might.”
May we find successful ways to assist
the most vulnerable among us:
– the homeless
– the elderly
– the developmentally disabled
– the refugee
by listening to that small still voice
within that guides us
to the good and to truth.


May we be hope for those who need hope;
Be strength for the weary;
Be of comfort to those who are grieving;
Be healers for the emotionally wounded;
of the

Written with the attacks in Paris and San Bernadino, California, in mind as well as the incendiary rhetoric of some of those running for office in the United States today.

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