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Dear reader, there was such a strong response to Part I of this topic with some excellent additions to the manifestations of God’s reign in the world that I decided to send you some of the reflections, and before the Election.

“These are so appropriate for living in our world today, “ – Terry, Retired business woman

“In my mind the image of a kingdom always leads me to think of subjects that are loyal and obedient. In heaven, the subjects have learned this and on earth we are still learning whose will to follow” – Scott, Accountant

“The enemy of human nature is the one dividing us, spiritually, financially, and politically causing resentment and emotional distress” – Ul, Business woman

“Regarding the so-called, “Pro-Life Movement,” there is a difference between being ‘pro-birth’ and therefore against abortion, and being ‘pro-life,’ which concerns anything that dehumanizes others that includes abortion but also – poverty, discrimination, racism, separating children from their parents and grandparents at the US-Mexican border, unjust wars, and the death penalty” – Anonymous

“I usually try to understand another BEFORE being understood” – Steve, Retired coach and teacher

“I believe the Reign of God is in the heart of faithful people who continue to love despite fear” – Marie, Retired spokesperson for women in the Middle East

“We really need these thoughtful words to address the ugly chaos that keeps erupting all around us” – Mary, University instructor

“We further the Reign of God:
Every time we vote for a candidate known for promoting social justice, especially for the economically poor.
Every time we speak out and work for the rights of any marginalized group.
Every time we show ecological respect for our “common home.” –
Pete, Expert in global ethics

Max Oliva, S.J.

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