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Joe Kraemer, SJ

By Joe Kraemer, SJ, is in theology studies at the
Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University

Dear God,

Jesus found Mary crying at his tomb,
But when he spoke her name
Such joy seized her heart.

Claim our hearts this Easter season!

Help keep us awake to your unfolding plan.
Help us be where you want us to be.
Help us be patient and ready for you.

In a special way, dear Lord, help us to find
And encourage good men who will give their lives
In service to your Holy Church as Jesuit brothers and priests.

Lead our hearts and efforts in this work.
Inspire us in new and creative ways.

For the empty tomb
Must have terrified your friends.

With no idea where you’d gone,
The future must have seemed
So hopeless and bleak.

But in the morning you returned.
You had not left us alone.

May that sacred Easter light
Bless men in discernment.
May it excite new friends to follow you.
May it fill us all with greater
Faith, hope and love.


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