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“We might hope that this or that will happen,
and be disappointed – but when we instead
have hope in the resilience and power of the
human spirit, in innovation, laughter, and
nature, we won’t be.”
(Anne Lamott)

February is Black History Month. As we lift up our Black brothers and sisters in prayer, let us do so with the hope that every person in this country regardless of the color of their skin will be treated with love, respect and equal opportunity.

Anne Lamott reminds us that hope can be a radical act.

Prayer is not just about me and God; it is about me and God and God’s children. God does not discriminate. God’s love and mercy are inclusive. Jesus reminds us that the Reign of God is already here; our job is to help it grow deeper.

“We have come this far by faith,” so the Gospel hymn reminds us. Let’s let hope bring us Home.

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